poolA personal retreat in a gated reserve, this unique residential community is bordered on three sides by water. Accommodation of the hurricane season mandated that all doors at or near grade be water-tight, suitable for marine craft. All concrete foundations required extensive water-proofing.

River Camps


houseClimate adaptation through regional typology drove the majority of the superstructure design.
extThe RiverCamps community embraces the outdoors, offering expansive views of its natural surroundings with a sense of seclusion. Featuring exposed rafter tails, broad roof overhangs and expansive porches with high ceilings the sense of place has been shaped and inspired by the natural environment of Crooked Creek and West Bay. A woodland preserve on the waters of Crooked Creek and the spectacular West Bay of Northwest Florida, two-thirds of this 1,500-acre community will be committed to conservation. That effort is carefully balanced against the threat of fire in a former paper-producing forest. Landscaping efforts top consideration was the threat of fire to the largely wood construction of the 450 homes in the development