elevThe first of several quiet houses intended for the use of any who seek a place of personal retreat and spiritual direction.
wcWorking with limited budget, energizing the laity was a project goal
arborLocated in the Hill Country overlooking the water, Quiet Houses are designed as duplexes to accommodate solitary retreats. Crafted with German influenced Hill Country architecture, the cottages incorporate environmentally sensitive design with recycled materials, rainwater harvesting and passive solar design techniques.
bedWhile the remote location provided a challenge unto itself, the design team was also tasked to create a space that minimized machine noise from the kitchenette and HVAC equipment, while sharing a party-wall with the neighboring unit. With carful location of masonry walls and generous use of sound attenuation, each unit feels secluded.
Mary Anne’s Cottage
St. Peter Upon the Water

Ingram Texas, 2009

Fisher+HeckNew construction duplex retreat