sancThe fan-shaped seating reinforces a sense of community, enabling each person to see the faces of fellow congregants during worship. The flexible platform adapts to the needs of a given service supporting oration, musical performance, and theatrical presentations.

First Baptist Church

Matteson, Illinois
Harding Partners

narthexNew Faith Baptist Church boasts an active and growing African American Congregation. Nestled in a suburban Chicago, the sanctuary appropriately supports multiple forms of worship, enabling individuals to find the one that speaks to them the most clearly.
2013 Solomon Award
elevationA range of cost-effective, sustainable design strategies conserve both natural and financial resources. A sun screen and heat recovery system work alongside superior insulation, daylight sensor lighting controls, and demand-control ventilation to reduce energy consumption. Nearby, an existing wetland is maintained, protecting an important landscape for migratory birds and native plant species.

An early adopter of Building Information Modeling, the project design platform allowed for a 50% reduction in scope with minimal effort on the part of the design team.